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Flock South West has been set up as a community interest company and any profit we make is put right back into supporting our work. This allows us to concentrate on our core values: high quality art projects, excellent production values, supporting artist and practitioner led practice, valuing independent art workers and providing opportunities for them. We believe in supporting each other, transparency and fair payment for work.


As a community interest company we have a duty to make sure all our activity will benefit the art sector and wider communities. By working together under one agency we also have more power to advocate for ethical programming and arts management.


We kept these values in mind when developing our company aims, which you can read about below.

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Provide creative production support and related services for arts, cultural & community organisations engaging in contemporary arts projects


By facilitating new links between freelance arts workers, organisations and individuals, we allow creative practitioners and organisations to expand their capacity to deliver ambitious arts projects in Plymouth and the South West of England.


Production & delivery of high quality art projects in Plymouth and the South West of England.


We will create new opportunities for the local community to engage with high quality art projects that may otherwise not happen in the region (due to lack of capacity and expertise) and work to ensure that they have positive, meaningful and thought-provoking encounters with the artworks and projects delivered.


Support artist/ curator/ producer led practice outside of institutions.

As an organisation we can provide resources for artists and independent curators/ producers (including the directors) within the city to deliver larger scale projects by: accessing different funding streams, providing production support and sharing our resources and expertise.


Create opportunities for work placement, training and career development


We will support arts professionals (at all career stages) to develop new skills in event management, production and communication. Where possible we will make room in our project to provide paid positions for early career arts workers to develop their skills.


We the People are The Work, Ciara Phillips at Plymouth Arts Centre, 2017

Assistant Curator: Lucy Stella Rollins. Photo by Jamie Woodley


Social Making: Socially Engaged Practice Now and Next , 2018.

Produced by Beth Emily Richards for Take A Part. Photo by Gem Ward

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