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South West

Stop Motion Animation 
Faye, Simon Poulter and 
Devon Ukrainian Association


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Filmmaker Faye and artist Simon Poulter worked with families from the Devon Ukrainian Association, making a series of animations inspired by everyday objects.


The sessions created a ‘time out’ moment, where parents and their children, many of whom have just arrived in the UK from Ukraine, could become absorbed in creative making and enjoy the company of other families.

The animations are being disseminated via the BAS host venues social media and will be on display at The Box in February 2023.


The project is part of We Will, a creative programme for the British Art Show 9 Plymouth, which invited local artists to work together with communities to explore making in response to artists in the main exhibition. Animating the Everyday was made in response to the work of Andy Holden. 


Photo credits: Dom Moore 

We Will has been produced by Flock South West and has been commissioned for the British Art Show 9, a Hayward Touring exhibition delivered in partnership with The Box, KARST, The Arts Institute at the University of Plymouth and MIRROR at Arts University Plymouth.

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