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South West

Spoiler Alert: Imagining
New Futures

Jodie Saunders and OUTYouth Plymouth


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‘I think we should really get rid of ‘one size fits all’ because it barely ever does.’


Spoiler Alert: Imagining New Futures is a sound piece made in collaboration between Jodie Saunders and young people who attend the OUTYouth group. It explores their vision of the future. During the British Art Show 9 Jodie spent several weeks with members of the group, thinking about the main exhibition theme of ‘imagining new futures’ and experimenting with sound and sound recording. 


The project is part of We Will, a creative programme for the British Art Show 9 Plymouth, which invited local artists to work together with communities to explore making in response to artists in the main exhibition. Spoiler Alert: Imagining New Futures was made in response to Household Gods by Oliver Beer, which is exhibited at MIRROR and for We Will: Recording the Everyday.


Jodie Saunders is an artist/musician/support worker who explores sound as substance, alternative narratives and improvisation. They are interested in listening as an attentive, embodied and essential way of seeing/hearing/being.


Part of the Plymouth City Council, Community Connections Youth Team, OutYouth provides a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans, queer and questioning young people in Plymouth and the surrounding area. They aim to create opportunities where the young LGBTQ community can meet and make new friends, explore their identity, access support, build supportive networks, celebrate and have fun.

Photo credits: Jodie Saunders (above) and Dom Moore (left)

We Will has been produced by Flock South West and has been commissioned for the British Art Show 9, a Hayward Touring exhibition delivered in partnership with The Box, KARST, The Arts Institute at the University of Plymouth and MIRROR at Arts University Plymouth.

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